World Journal - Chinese mixed Spencer Simonsen (梅天恩) challenges current Peskin

Original article:

The World Journal is a Chinese language newspaper, so we have provided the English translation below:

After living with a gay husband in San Francisco for almost four years, Chinese-American biracial Spencer Simonsen (pictured left, photo by reporter Han Li) decided to run for the 2020 supervisor election. He rents a Nob Hill apartment not far from Chinatown, a third constituency, so he will challenge current supervisor Aaron Peskin, who is seeking re-election.

Although he has no political experience, Spencer (梅天恩) believes that he can bring "different ideas" into the city hall, unlike other professional politicians. He has worked in a number of technology companies and has an educational background in computer science.

He also co-founded a company that provides legal advice to disadvantaged groups and is currently serving as director of a company that helps older people use technology platforms. The three most important social issues in his mind were homelessness, housing shortages, and small business development.

The third constituency covers Chinatown, North Beach, Financial District, Union Square, etc., and is the heart of downtown San Francisco. In recent years, the security problems in Chinatown have worsened and people are worried. Moreover, the delay of the Central Metro project has also caused the people in Chinatown to complain. Spencer (梅天恩) said that these issues should now be faced "as if they were dealing with crises", and all resources and policies should be integrated.

For example, the law and order issue, he suggested not only to catch the criminals, but to solve them from the source and stop the crime. Therefore, installing cameras, increasing the number of pedestrian patrols, and strengthening road lighting will be his focus.

As a political amateur, he has also begun to frequently contact some local political groups, such as Democratic clubs of different factions.

He said he was a determined Democrat, but refused to label himself "progressive" or "moderate." He mentioned that in the local attorney general election this year, his first vote went to Nancy Tung and his second vote went to Chesa Boudin. His favorite Democratic presidential candidates are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

It is worth mentioning that Spencer (梅天恩)'s uncle is a Hollywood Chinese pioneer movie star Wood Moy, who has appeared in the well-known film "Chan Is Missing". Spencer (梅天恩) is of the third generation of Chinese descent and does not speak Chinese. Spencer (梅天恩)'s name was given by his grandmother.

In November 2020, there will be a general election for city supervisor in the singular constituency. Incumbent city supervisor Peskin has confirmed his bid for re-election. He has been involved in San Francisco politics for nearly 20 years and is a solid representative of progressives. After he had left the city council, he fought again after several years and was successfully elected.

Another candidate for the third District Council is Charles Belle.