Spencer's Priorities

Let’s solve our problems at the source with proactive, long-term solutions rather than reactive, bandaids.

Homelessness Crisis

Building housing & navigation centers
Audit of funds going to homelessness services
Goal of zero deaths on the street
Support related resources (case managers, ARFs, ...)
Fix & use conservatorship laws
Legal aid services (tenant’s right to counsel, ...)


Affordable Housing

Updating city zoning laws
Streamlining permitting & community feedback
Rebalancing office space production


Small Businesses

Streamlining permitting process
Support through construction & retrofitting
Protections for storefront rentals
Reducing city fees


Crime & Property Damage

Restorative justice with enforcement
Address laws adversely affecting crime (CA Prop 47, ...)
Increased street safety & foot patrols


Public Transit

Pedestrian, bike & public transit first communities
Protected bike lanes
Affordable housing for transit workers
Housing near transit stations
Increased enforcement