Keeping my commitment to our community

To my community & supporters,

I’ve been thinking about you every day during the past 2 months; you were never far from my thoughts.  I’ve waited until now to reconnect because I wanted to give you a true update on my plans for helping District 3, our state and our country as we develop solutions to help our community during the COVID-19 crisis.

What have I been doing during my brief campaign hiatus?  Well, I have continued to dedicate myself to supporting seniors in our community during this time of great need.  Since the beginning of March, I have worked round the clock to help grow two divisions at my senior services company, GoGo. We are on track to deliver 1,000 meal and grocery orders to seniors every single week. These are meals and groceries that are vital to helping our seniors survive this crisis.

At this juncture, we are continuing to build out local, state and national partnerships at a breakneck speed to ensure that our current seniors are cared for both now and in the future and we will be expanding services to more at-risk seniors soon.  This is why I have been less visible online for the District 3 Supervisor position than others. In reality, I know that you’ve had your share of worries about meeting basic needs for yourselves and your families (food, shelter, safety) and politics cannot always come first!

Right now, I’m asking you for your renewed support of my campaign, so that while we work to solve our immediate crisis, we will also return to a San Francisco that is headed toward a dynamic, progressive future!  In the news, we recently have seen that my opponent has been unprepared to adequately address the challenges we face during this crisis. 

May your family and friends stay safe and stay inside.  Although, I too am sheltering in place, please know that I am currently working on initiatives through GoGo to keep many others safe and fed as well.

Let’s plan for a future together to make San Francisco work for everyone.

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